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Marshmallow Fondant

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever used marshmallow fondant? I use it for all of my cakes that I make but I'm looking for something that is a bit easier to work with ... Any help would be appreciated!
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I use marshmallow fondant all the time, what's troubling you?   I use to have trouble with it but ever since I took the craftsy class by Jessica Harris it has helped with how my marshmallow fondant acts.  I know using marshmallow fondant is a lot more work but I think the taste is worth it.

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I love the taste of mm fondant and absolutely can not stand the taste of Satin Ice. Not to mention how expensive it is compared to the amount of mm fondant I can get out of $6.00. I too am curious about what trouble you are having with it. 

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I absolutely love MMF! Edna with has a wonderful receipe if that is your concern..

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I use it all the time and have two tips.  Don't work with it when it's still warm.  Make it the night before and you'll have a much better time.  To every batch, add one cup of melted wedding white Merkins chocolate nibs.  Makes the end results much more silky.  I also add a few drops of LorAnn Cottan candy oil.

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