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I did a local market last year, well only for 3 Fridays.  Here are some of the things that I learned:

1.  Most of the people wanted the basic Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes, especially the kids.

2.  The heat was HORRIBLE!  I am in NY and we had 90 degree weather on the days I was there.  We were on a black topped parking lot.  I have a tent with sides for protection and shade.  If you are using a frosting that is not made for the heat, be prepared.  The first week I had chocolate with Chocolate frosting.  They were selling well but not fast enough.  The frosting melted on about 2 dozen of them so obviously I couldn't sell them.  What I did the follow week was brought a cooler filled with ice and kept frosting in it ready to frost the cupcakes.  Then I also use the under the bed totes to transport the cupcakes.  I double up the totes and put ice between the layers to work as a cooler for them. 

3.  I used a covered cake display to show one of each flavor of cupcake available.  I usually had about 4-5 choices. 

4.  Items such as Whoopie Pies sold like crazy because they were individual and easy to eat.

5.  Make sure to have bags to put your containers in.  The more convenient it is for the customer to carry, the more likely they will buy something.


I did really well the first week but then it slowed down after.  It wasn't worth my time or the money to go to it.  That being said, I am trying another one this summer that is MUCH more popular and VERY busy.  I will try it and see how it works.  Luckily for this one you only pay as you go.  No season contract.  I am willing to try things a few times.  If they work than great, if not then I learned something.  Good luck and I hope it turns out well for you! 

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SnLSweetEscapes--great advice! Thanks!
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Just wanted to give an update on how the Market went for my first week!  (Still many weeks to go!)


1. I ended up making way too many items.  AND was so tired from making said items.  Next week I'm definitely limiting what I bring.  Definitely fewer cupcakes.  More cookies, however, as those were a big seller and people asked for more flavors.

2. The heat was not bad for us.  All my cream cheese frosted cupcakes are kept in coolers (one on display) for health department requirements.  The rest I plan on keeping covered and with an ice pack on warmer days.

3. I plan on more signage next week, like a banner with my logo and a list of items I offer underneath (basic categories like cupcakes, cookies, etc) to place hanging from my tent.  I have a chalkboard and sign on my table, but need something more eye catching.

4. I will be raising my prices on the cookies.  Otherwise, it won't be worth it for me!

5. Talking to people that come up to the booth is great for business!  Telling them what you have, offering them a sample, etc.  Yes, some people are just sample takers.  But I had quite a few who once they tasted a sample bought then or came back later.  Make samples small enough to leave them wanting more!


My set up was nice (will change a few things in the "prep" area behind me).  The main table will stay the same.  I bought a cupcake display case, which was expensive, but WORTH IT.  And a large tray with a cover for the cookies.




Overall, a great start and I am looking forward to the weeks to come!

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Mine starts on Saturday.  Can I ask what cookies you made and what were you best sellers??

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