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Farmer's Market

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I was just accepted into my local farmers market!  I will be selling cupcakes, cookies, and dessert bars.


This market is very well attended (about 4,000 a Saturday) and located in an affluent area.


I'm trying to plan how much to bring every week.  I heard somewhere you should bring about 10% of how many attendees will be there ... so I'm thinking around 400 items.  Does anyone have any advice for me on this?




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not really any advise but wow how cool for you


sounds like a tremendous opportunity


well yes i thought of something after all


be sure you take care of sewlo and bring enough water for you to drink


and toss some 'fast food' in the car--like a nice baggie full of cashews or pecans or trail mix


let me/us know how it goes for you


i hope you do great with this

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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Congrats and yes, 10% is the minimum I would take. Good luck!

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I do quite a few markets or similar events, the first time I always take 10% if it's under 10k estimated guests, 5% if over 10K. That has worked really well for me.

I don't do markets that have direct competition, if there is someone else selling the same products as you, obviously you won't sell as many.

400 is actually quite a lot to sell, I wouldn't take any more than that. Then you can judge how many to take the next week by how you do the first time.


Not sure how your market works, but I finally got into a really nice one just outside of Seattle, and there the longer you attend, the better placement you get.

Closer to the entrance means more sales, so I am always adjusting how many I take.


If the rules allow you to do some sort of prize draw, those always draw people in.

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Thank you!


As far as I know, there will be other booths selling baked goods, but no other booths selling cupcakes or cookies. One will be a gluten free booth, one sells these amazing fruit bars, others sell bread and pies. So I shouldn't have too much competition in the cupcake arena. 


I'm not exactly sure where my booth will be yet. I should be meeting with the director sometime soon to familiarize myself with where I will be located during the market. All I know is I will be on the north side, but that doesn't mean much to me right now! :)


I will start off with 10% and see how it goes from there. I'm sure it will take me a few Saturdays to get an idea of how much to make. The market runs mid May until the beginning of October, so I will have lots of practice! Thanks again for all the advice! Also, I'll be sure to pack some water and snacks for myself ... Good thinking!!!

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Congrats that is awesome. I am thinking about going to a farmer's market in my area. Keep us posted and of any lessons learned! :-) I'll do the same....ours doesn't start till end of May! Good luck!

"When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile." ~ Anne Byrn


"When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile." ~ Anne Byrn

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If the market is open 8 hours, to sell 400 items you will have to average 50 sales every hour or about 1 sale every minute.
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Congrats and good luck! I'm thinking of doing the same thing in my town but it's a much smaller market. I was happy to see some good advice from others.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on selling cupcakes at an outdoor market in the summer. Isn't the heat a concern? What can you do?
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How did it go at the market?

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My market doesn't start until May 18 and runs every Saturday to October 6. I still have 30 days to plan and prep!
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awesome well done you! Let us know how you get on

Everyday is a cake day My Cupcake Blog -
Everyday is a cake day My Cupcake Blog -
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Thanks for the update. Let us know how it goes!

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Ive just signed up to have a cupcake stall in August with aprox 10000 people attending over the weekend - I have no idea how many cupcakes to bake either and was also going for 10%,


Let us know how It goes,


Good luck :)


Sophie x

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I will definitely keep everyone updated! 22 days until the first market -- it's getting close!

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Congratulations Sewlo!
I'm working on getting in to my local market too. It starts soon - I can't wait to get the final word on the details!
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