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How would I store cakes?

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I plan on making a few cakes in bulk, mostly 8inch rounds but possibly a few bigger cakes. Problem is I'd like to freeze them after I am done. I'm pretty much clueless as to what to do. I'm looking for any helpful advise on how to wrap them and if I should do it when they're straight out of the oven or very cool. Also, if I should remove them while hot onto a cooling rack.. (if that would help any), like I said, I'm clueless. Thanks ahead! 

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I let my cakes cool about 8-10 minutes in the pan. I then lay a piece of wax paper,(about the same size of the cake board(just roughly torn off) , then i flip my cake onto that that(the board is the same size as the cake. I then let the layer cool more( just is warm, when i wrap it in saran wrap and then with heavy foil. I then , place in freezer. They have always kept this way great and they are nice and moist. hth

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Thanks so much. I read about wrapping them in the wrap but I wasn't for sure if they should be cooled or not.
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I don't like freezing my cakes but some people do. I suggest if you are going to make sure they are fully cooled and wrap them in plastic wrap tightly. If you don't cool first they can create to much moisture in the plastic wrap and cause ice on the cakes from steam being trapped and turning into water.

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Yeah I always freeze my cakes I let them cool completely before I wrap I take them out the oven wait about 5 mins then turn on a wire rack they taste as good as a freshly baked one if not better
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I cool my cakes in their pans (on a rack) for 10 minutes, then tip them out and let them cool completely.


I then wrap each one in 2 or 3 layers of plastic wrap, making sure there are few, if any, air pockets.  I toss them in the freezer...on something flat - there's nothing worse than bringing a cake out of the freezer that looks like a skateboard park because it rested on the bag of frozen peas.


If a particular cake is going to be frozen for longer than a few days, then I will probably also add a layer of foil or, if it fits, put it in a ziplock freezer bag.


I'm one of the people that keeps the plastic wrap and foil manufacturers in business.  :-)

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