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please please help

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hi everyone i am wondering if anyone can help

i am making a harry potter cake i was thinking of making an open book (spell book) with a figure of harry and other bits and bobs on the cake

the problem is i have been looking on the internet and the other spell books are like sprayed browny gold around the edges to give the book an old look

i really like this look but have not got a spray to do this i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make this old page look without using spray 

im very new to cake decorating so please give as much details as possible if you have any experience of doing this 

thanks so much 

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If you need brown, you can use cocoa powder and dust it on. Use sparingly - it's easier to apply more, and almost impossible to remove if you overdo it. You can tone down the brown colour with cornstarch. Just use a dry, flat brush, dip it in your cocoa powder, remove some of the colour on a paper towel and apply with light strokes. And for the gold, you can use lustre dust and apply it dry, or you can paint with it if you mix it with a little vodka. Depends on the kind of look you are going for.  If you are unsure, try it first on a spare piece of fondant the same colour as your cake.

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wow thanks so much i would have never of thought of using cocoa powder and then gold dust come to think of it this sounds perfect ill practice a bit first though to get the right look thanks so much

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Dayti is 100% correct :)

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