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margarine or butter

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Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me. (Again). I began making cakes a year or two ago for birthday presents for members of my family mainly the kids. This has now become expected and everyone in the family wants one. Aside from becoming very time consuming its getting expensive, so I have resorted to asking people to buy their own ingredients. This is where my question comes from. I gave my sister in law a list and instead of getting butter xshe bought stork margarine. I always use real butter for my cakes and everyone says they taste lovely but after using the stork my cake has turned out much fluffier and lighter does anyone know why
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I don't know the science of it...but I find that Stork is the best of all the margs.

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I always use stork marg, I like the taste better x
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I've seen this posted many times, and even saw a tv programme about a monthe ago where they compared a Mary Berry cake (made with Stork) to a Michel Roux Jnr cake made with butter and Mary's came out tops! I daren't stray from butter having said that, my cakes are still light and fluffy, the flavour is buttery and the ingredients are more natural. It's wahtever you're comfortable with I guess!

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As long as the fat content of the margarine is 80% like butter, one is as good as the other ...

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