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maple bacon cupcakes

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I was just wondering if anyone knew if I used pancake syrup in the cake batter if that be ok or should I use real maple syrup? thanks tara making maple bacon cupcakes

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It might be easier to answer based on your recipe.  If the sugar in the recipe is being replaced by the sugar in the maple syrup.  Most pancake syrups are a mix of HFCS and artificial flavor--so i wouldn't think that would be comparable to a recipe built around real maple syrup.  Once we made the switch to real maple, the 'pancake' syrup i grew up with just falls flat.  I'd worry that if you called it maple and had the flavor of artificially flavored pancake syrup, then you'd be in trouble. 

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You will never get a proper maple flavor out of pancake syrup. Go grade B real maple syrup for the best flavor. I guess maple extract could work, but I haven't used it.
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Please do NOT use pancake syrup! It is so not the same thing. And maple extract doesn't have quite the same flavor as maple syrup. There are so many complex flavors in maple syrup that the product can be described similar to wine. You want a dark syrup for baking. I usually get Medium, which is about as dark as I can get at a consumer level. (Canadian and American syrup isn't graded the same way.) If you have a choice, buy it in a can; you don't need to pay for a cutesy glass bottle. But put what you don't use in a glass bottle in the fridge. Enjoy :) and let us know how it turns out.
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thank u ill try and see how it does:)

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I use real maple syrup they turn out pretty good:)

here's a pic


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