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Caramel mud cake

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Hi all

I'm trying a caramel mud recipe at the moment (literally in the oven).  I found whilst making it that its very similar to my whie choc mud cake (which i looove) recipe, using brown sugar instead of castor sugar.  Sooooo I was thinking maybe I could just convert my white choc recipe to caramel by changing the sugar?  Has anyone done this?

My other question is my whte choc recipe contains sour you think leave it in or ditch it or replace it with smething for caramel??

Also, what filling would you usse with caramel mud???


Any ideas and tips appreciated!!


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Well if it turns out well please post the recipe! It sounds great! I would leave in sour cream, but then again always like to experiment with ingredients.....I would do a whipped ganache I think...or maybe salted carmel cream cheese...or both! YUM

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