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Can you preserve a Fondant cake decoration?

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Hello every one i am new to the site and have just made my very first cake for my Daughters 1st Birthday. This is my first experiance with fondant, and while the cake was not perfect by any means, i would love to keep one of the minnie mouse heads and preserve it to put in her memory box. Is this even possible? And how would i go about it? Here is a picture of the cake. Thanks. Oh and the Fondant is the store bought kind. Wilton brand.

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Once you remove the piece from the cake, put it in a cupboard for a few days or longer (unwrapped) will go hard eventually (gently turn it over every so often).  Once it's hard, you should be able to keep it indefinitely.  However, make sure you keep it in the a cupboard or a will fade if kept in the light.  Also, it will become somewhat brittle...not like gumpaste, but still, if you whack it the wrong way, you'll end up with it missing an ear or piece of the bow. icon_smile.gif


By the way, that is a VERY cute cake!  You did an awesome job!

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Thank you icon_biggrin.gif  After the fondant is completely hard, can i put it in some type of bag or protector? I just dont want anything to start molding or getting nasty next to her treasures. Or would the bag make that worse? Thank you for the reply.

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Hi    I have made Wilton fondant accents.  As long as you let them dry completly and put them somewhere they won't get bumped they will last forever and won't mold.  I have a neices wedding flower I did 15 years ago and its still perfect.  Most of mine are small so I keep them in my Curio cabinet for display.  I don't recomend Marshmellow fondant ones, they will fall apart eventually. This type of fondant dosn't like moisture, too.

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Sorry forgot to say, I wouldn't put anything you want to preserve in a plastic bag.  Plastic bags will sweat in heat.

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Thank you ladies. Im excited to keep it and let her have part of her 1st bday cake for forever :)

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Put it in a cardboard box with some scrunched up kitchen paper towel to protect it, add some of those stayfresh/humidity absorbing sachets if you can, they will keep it dry and safe. My kids have fondant models of themselves in their rooms which have lasted several years so far....just keep it dry, cool and out of direct sunlight, protected from knocks, you're good to go.
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