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Hey Everybody,

I have a question and I am hoping that yall can help me.

I have never done this before and I mean NEVER!

I have heard people say that they have done it but I have not.

I am going to be making a substantial amount of cupcakes or cakes for a particular day and I am thinking about making them maybe on a Monday and freezing them until Saturday the day that they are needed but I am hesitant/afraid/fearful because I have never frozen cakes or cupcakes before because of the fear of them thawing out and being dry.


Within my batter I use MAYONNAISE or SOUR CREAM or sometimes EXTRA OIL or maybe a SIMPLE SYRUP so that they are moist but being that I have never frozen them before I decided to come and ask yall for THE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH if this is possible > TO FREEZE A CAKE/CUPCAKES and THEN THAW THEM OUT AND THEY STILL ARE MOIST AS THEY WERE THE DAY I BAKED THEM?



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Depends on the recipe, the only way to know for sure is to try it in advance with your recipe and find out.
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Hi    Theres nothing wrong with frezzing your cakes.  Many cake/cupcake stores do this.  Just as long as you wrap your cake well and Wilton suggest that you thaw out complety befor removing the wrappings. I do my cakes on Tues. then thaw out on Friday and decorate for a cake due Saturday.  I've never had trouble.  If you are not confident then frezze a small sample cake.

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I do it frequently with cakes and cuppies.  I just put in a zip lock or rubbermaid type container or some plastic wrap.  But you really should try it for yourself and see if it works for you since it sounds like a pretty big order.

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I froze 8 different varieties of cupcakes for a large party and did not have any problems. Some recipes are actually better (i.e. carrot) when frozen to retain moisture. Go for it! Good luck!

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