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cake board

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hi i was wondering what everyone uses to cover their cake boards foil ect and what kind


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I mostly use foils. However what I've also started doing is buying patterned ceramic tiles. Somehow, I just don't like the fondant-covered boards....unless they're embossed.

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thanks but what kind of foils do you use, kitchen foil is too thin isnt it and what other foils are food safe how do you stick to the cake board itself


thanks i do appreciate your reply

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Not your regular kitchen foil.  It is kind of an immediate sign of a beginner caker.  You can get a heavier foil with your cake supplies, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.  Some use different papers, wrapping paper, table cloths, some debate on this use though.  Food safe and all that.  I don't sell  cakes but have picked up some lovely glass and metal plates and trays at thrift stores to use when I bring cakes places.  Also the large microwave turntable glass plates from thrift stores for larger cakes.  Google     covering cake boards cake central          and more ideas and how to attach will come up.

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Thank you so much you have really helped
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I use fabric. 

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how do you use fabric to cover it please do you tape it under the cake board and doesn't the cake spoil the fabric or do you put something between them is it just any fabric?

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you can use contact paper too.

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I use poly backed foil from a local wholesale florist supply company.  It is the best!  Doesn't tear easily like the other patterned foils you can purchase for cake decorating supplies.

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