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Cake Price?

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I have only been decorating cakes for a couple years and have only really made for friends and family. Some people have asked how much I would charge and I am not sure what to ask for or what is fair?

Here is a picture of one of the cakes that I made for family.

How much would I be able to charge for something like this? Two tiers, 9 inch base, fondant, and a few details?



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That's totally up to you icon_wink.gif There are lots of wonderful tips on this site.
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Where do you live? In some areas you can legally sell cakes made from home, but some states require a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen, so you would need to factor the license/inspection fees into your pricing along with cost of ingredients, your labor, and markup reflecting local market price.
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I don't sell cakes so can't personally help you but if you type               cake price cake central              into google a bunch of relevant threads on cake central show up and you could find pricing ideas there.

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I live in Ontario, Canada and you don't need any kind of licensing to sell cakes.

The ingredients probably cost me $25 or so... just wondering roughly what other people would charge?

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Taking into account all other overhead like insurance, accounting, etc., the price for this cake would generally be in the $150-350 range depending on the local market.
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