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What do you think?

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Good news is my brother is getting married and asked me to make the cake.. My brothers wife wants satin whip cream kinda icing but can't find a good recipe....any advice? Thanks
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First thing that comes to my mind is Pastry Pride--a non-dairy whipped topping.  I buy mine at Smart and Final.  Just thaw the frozen liquid in fridge then whip like whipping cream (start slow then increase speed as thickens), til the icing sticks more to the whisk attachment and there's a gap between the icing on the whisk and the icing on the side of the bowl; just don't over whip!  Much more stable than whipped cream.  I've seen others shimmer it up somehow after the cake is decorated (airbrush with luster dust?).  Not so great for detail work, but a lot of people seem to prefer it over buttercream.  Some of the cakes I've posted are covered in Pastry Pride, if you want to see Pastry Pride "in action."  Here's a link to one of them:


(the string work and dots are buttercream)
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great info tripleE! ;-)

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I've never heard of that an we don't have those stores...have u ever seen it at Walmart?
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I saw your link beautiful!!!! I need to learn to work with other icings then safe buttercream lol
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Thank you!

I don't think you'll find Pastry Pride in WalMart. Perhaps you could contact the manufacturer and see where you can find it near you. Maybe they'd ship some to you? Or see if a bakery or restaurant supply near you will order it for you?
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They have it at Cash & Carry in my area.  Do you have any restaurant supply stores I'd check there.  You can also check Restaurant Depot but I think you need a business license or you did last time I was there.  

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Thanks for your help
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