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Individual (mini) cakes - HELP!

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Ok so I have a friend who is the head chef at a local "fancy" restaurant and they want to hire me (i own my own custom cake business - which i mostly do weddings, birthdays, etc) to make their cakes on their menu.  They are talking about 10-20 per week so nothing too nuts however they are looking to solve their problem they have now.

Basically now they buy a whole big cake 8" from a supplier and cut it up as people order it - the problem is it dries out FAST.... im sure it has something to do with how they store it but anyways.

They want to find something more like individual small cakes that come individually wrapped somehow so they can just take one out of the box and serve it as they need...... 

now ive made ALLLLL kinds of cakes but not super familiar with smaller individual cakes except cupcakes when i make a ton of too - is there a certain pan for this and also any ideas on how to wrap them?  help please!!!!!!

I need to figure it out by next week....

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What about the small rectangular corn bread pan?
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I think there called "stuffed cornbread pan" makes a dozen squares
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They also make a 12 loaf mini bread loaf pan 6.4oz
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i would think a mini cake would dry out even faster, but what about mini bundt cakes? they can be decorated with a glaze or a pretty swirl of frosting. 


or what about a cake baked in a mini pannettone paper or some other paper cake pan?


somehow i feel like a mini loaf isn't elegant enough for a $6 dollar dessert.

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There's this guy


but I've frozen a cake that I sliced, and added sheets of parchment in between the slices in between before (so we could get slices out to eat as we wanted, it was a massive cake). Maybe you could give them the cakes like that so they wouldn't dry out so quick?

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