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Yes I would love something like this.
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Wow from what I can see from the picture it looks like you did a great job. The label on the cake looks great as do your ruffles. It sounds like it was a very yummy cake. I feel your pain on the disappearing ribbon as it happens to me on many occasions. The only thing about this cake I would have done differently personally would have been to make the top tier shorter. I know your intention was to represent the bottle but looks a bit top heavy to me. Still a great cake and amazing if you have only been doing this since aug!
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Thanks for your kind words! I agree with you, it does look top heavy. Maybe I like the idea of an extended tier on top, but maybe it would've looked better if I did a 2"-3" tall 8" cake and a 5" top tier (6" round). Next time I think I'll arrange cake dummies to get the composition perfect. Thanks again icon_smile.gif
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I just started making sugar flowers and have completely fallen in love with them here are my first roses. I made them I n white fondant with CMC added then airbrushed them (it was my first time airbrushing too). 700
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MustangMollie you are supposed to provide the link to your photo.  We then go there and comment underneath it.

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Not really sure how all this works. But i would love to have a few of my cakes (which are nothing like what i have seen on here THEY ARE AMAZING) Judged. cause im horribly critical of myself.. This site is wonderful

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Hi Southern Sweets1,   It is the best place to receive advise and critiquing.  There will be some kind words and some not so kind and very direct ones.  But just so you know, we all want to achieve the same results, which is being the best we can be.  Welcome , wishing the best to you.

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..........Not really sure how all this works...... would love to have a few of my cakes....Judged......


Just post a link to each one that is in your photo album on this site (or anywhere on the internet).  People will go to the link and post comments.  As another poster said, be prepared not only for some very nice comments but also for some not so nice ones.  Hopefully, each comment, nice or not, is meant to help you improve your work.  If you set your mind to knowing that the not so nice ones shouldn't 'sting' so much :)

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Thank u so much! And yes i can take some critique! I know its in my best interest to get all the advice i can from all sorts of people! :) It will help me improve my work and like u said ''Be the best i can be''

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I finally finished my dragon cake and thought I would post it....


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Shannon, it turned out great! It looks better then the original!

Now we need to see how your new cabinets turned out icon_smile.gif

By the way, I told my fiancé I simply had to have one of your stands for Christmas
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Thank you!!!The shelves he built are installed but the trim isn't done. When he wanted to do them I had family in town. I enjoyed making that cake so much....

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I remember when you first starting talking about this cake, I'm so glad you got to make it! I tried talking my ten-year-old daughter into this cake for her last birthday, dragons are the last thing she's interested in lol.

I'd love to see how they turned out when he's finished
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Oh my goodness. My granddaughter is 3.Se is sooo into dragons and dinosaurs...the scarier the better! Yet she still wants to wear girly stuff and get her nails painted and be a princess. I hope she is still into them next birthday so I can do this cake again.

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BatterUpCake you dragon cake came out awesome.  So cool I want the burst of flames or sparklers ?  How do the techno flames work?:-)

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