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Cake box help please

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I'm trying to get opinions on the which cake mix is better for holding up with fondant?
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Pound cake
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I use all kinds of different cake. As long as you refrigerate it so it is nice and firm before covering it you should be fine.
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Thank u!! I'm doing a cake for a party on Saturday in the afternoon so if I make the cake Friday night I should let it be in the fridge overnight but should I crumb coat it Friday night?

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Le sigh. *Deep Breath*


For a cake due on Saturday afternoon, baking on Friday night isn't the best option especially if it is a big cake, a complicated cake (or a design you are new to), or a cake to be covered in fondant.


You are better off starting the process on Wednesday night/Thursday morning if you insist on working super close to the time the cake is due. There's this thing called settling a cake. This takes time, mostly, and some do it before (during filling and crumb coating process) and after the fondant. A cake covered in fondant needs a bit of time for the fondant to set so it has a slightly firmer surface than when it's freshly applied-- this way, when you go to decorate, you're not leaving marks on the soft fondant. Many decorators leave the fondant covered cake overnight for this, others a couple of hours.


Often times, cakes do not do well in the regular home fridge. Short bursts for icing purposes are ok most of the time. Storing your uniced cake overnight in the fridge will likely lead to a dry cake (but since you're using a cake mix, maybe this doesn't happen to cake mixes, I don't use them so I wouldn't know). There's this thing called 'staling' that happens to baked goods in general. Refrigeration accelerates this process. When your cake is baked and cooled, wrap properly in cling wrap, place in air tight bag/container and the FREEZE overnight or for however long you need before you start working on it.

P.S. What does your post have to do with the Cake Central magazine?

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