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recipe for sculpted cakes

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i am making a sculpted cake and i need to know what to do to change my recipe to make the cake more sturdy. will be icing in buttercream so i would like to have a nice sturdy cake that wont crumble. please help

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The best recipe for sculpted cakes is in the confetti cakes book by elisa Strauss. You can also search this forum for the durable 3 d cake. It's ok but not as perfect as the confetti cakes recipe

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I don't have that book, but pound cake works very well.

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I'm not familiar with that book, where can I find it?

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I got mine on Amazon. Sometimes they have it at stores like Michaels or JoAnns - then you can use a 40 or 50% off coupon

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Her cakes are amazing and sculpt beautifully. The vanilla cake tastes like a sugar cookie and comes out perfect every time. Especially if you do it in a half sheet pan.

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In Elisa Strauss's class on Craftsy, she includes the vanilla cake recipe in the materials, if you can't buy her book in time. Her class is actually very good, I enjoyed it and learned lots about sculpting and decorating 3D cakes from it.

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Absolutely agree !!! I'm doing her purse cake right now. Just got it sculpted and covered yesterday and putting the handles on it today !!

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Groupon also has some craftsy deals right now - you can get the class for $18... They have bundle prices also

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The Groupon you mentioned where is listed under? I'm in NY but didn't see anything.

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