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Cake Boss help?

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I have just bought Cake Boss and it looks great. However, I work in metric quantities and all the master ingredients are shown in cups. When I select kg/grams in the Conversion bit it still shows everything in cups.


How do I get the master ingredients to display in grams and litres, etc.?



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You can change it to metrics.  Go to the dashboard and click on conversions in the lower left corner.  This will allow you to change it to metrics.  There are tutorials that you can use to guide you through as well.

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Did you select "load converters" on the conversion screen?  You can also load both so you have all of the conversions.  Try running the load again and see if that helps.

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Thanks but I have done this several times. I select the Kilos(metric) option then click the button with 2 green arrows and it spends time loading/removing converters. When that is finished, I open the master ingredients list and it is STILL showing in cups.


The only thing I get is the ability to click on an individual ingredient and see how many grams in a cup! Not good enough for something that cost me the best part of £100.


Am I missing something? Surely the software is not missing this basic functionality??

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What shows up when viewing the list is how it is entered.  If you enter a quantity with a measure of kg and save it, you will see kg on the list.  When you are creating your recipes to get pricing of ingredients you enter the measure for that recipe, this will use the conversion table to calculate the price.  Maybe it would help to enter a recipe (make up one with a couple of ingredients) and see if it shows up as you want it.  It is easier to have the ingredients already set up in the master list than to add it while creating a recipe.

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Thank you very much. I think I understand it better now. I'll have a go at adding some recipes.

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