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Ladies, I'm working on a post about the one that I did.  If you are interested I'll post the link here once it's completed :)

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I  had this same picture but I told her I couldn't do it tilted but I just colored my fondant a light gray although I believe some use chocolate fondant. but I measure the circumference of my cake round to see how many inches I needed to go around and measured the height of my round and cut it to those measurements then I just took a small piece of fondant to make the knot and used a modeling tool to make the hole then I applied it to the fondant and took another tool to make the grooves and then carefully wrapped it around the cake, then I diluted some white food coloring and painted the cake, then I took brown to detail the grooves and the inside of the knot. I couldn't find any tutorials on it so this was my version but the bride was very happy with it . Good Luck I hope this helps

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How did you make this look like white bark
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I tried to get onto cake masters to take a video class, and the verification letters they make yo type are so ridiculous, that I gave up after 20 attempts! Crazy!
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I colored my fondant gray and then measured how big I needed each tier to be and pre-cut each strip so I co0uld 0add the knots and grooves then I darkened them with a brown food color then I applied to the cake then did a white wash with bright white and a flat paint brush. Hope this helps

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