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Can I use candy melts

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I'm suppose to make a chocolate cake thats super chocalate. I wanted to cover the cake in chocolate candy melts but wasn't sure if it would be ok. I'm planning on putting chocolate icing over the melt but just wanted someone with knowledge to say it would be ok.


Also I plan on painting zebra strips on a cake and it sounds like its a 50/50 on shich works or vanilla extract.


Thank you in advance always get some good replies!

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I don't think candy melts would taste very good. They aren't all that chocolatey, and have a waxy taste/feel.

I would use a dark chocolate ganache under the butter cream instead, or if you really want the crunch, use real chocolate.

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I agree with scrumdiddly. Candy melts taste awful and aren't really chocolate. Go with ganache.
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Thank you, i want the crunch. I should just buy the bittersweet chocolate?
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I would probably use a semi sweet, just make sure you temper it right, and you'll get a really nice crunch.

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This doesn't regard anything about chocolate but i didnt want to start a new post...
I'm putting the fondant on in a little bit but i have to pant zebra stripes on it yet..where should I store the cake until I paint it and then after I paint where should I store it?
Also I have a ball in the freezer which is crumb coated which is for Friday as well, will it be ok? No fondant on it.
Thanks, I dont know how you work full time and do multiple cakes every week! I would go nuts!
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