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Cookie drill

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Does anyone know where I can buy a drill to make cookie bouquets? This is the tool used to drills hole in the bottom of the cookie to insert the stick. Any information is greatly appreciated...

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I have never drilled holes... I put the sticks in while they are raw and cook them with the stick in them... 


On the occasion one comes out, I usually use a bit of royal icing to stick it back in...

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Cookie by design just uses a regular drill and drill bit and they have it covered a  clear plastic casing and you just slide the cookie toward the drill and pull it back. I  have this  and it works great but I never use it.

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I just insert the stick into the cookie before baking.  I learned how to do it with this tutorial here by Karen's Cookies:

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Hello Millicentre,

I would like to buy your cookie drill.  How do I contact you?

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