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Crusting buttercream

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I've seen some really amazing work done using crusting buttercream and tried a recipe too, but it was super sweet.


Is there a way to make buttercream crust so it is not so sweet? I think the confectioner's sugar is what makes it crust right?

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Yes. I recently made a crusting BC recipe w butter and high ratio. Sweet but I added a bit more vanilla than the recipe called for and it turned out perfect.

I like to use vanilla paste as it gives such good flavor and so much less is needed as compared to using extract. If you don't mind the specs of vanilla seeds it's excellent!!

Oh and it tasted like yummy creme anglaise!!!
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putting a little salt in your icing mix will cut the sweet tast also

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okay...I'll try that. Which recipe do you normally use for a crusting buttercream?

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I used one by Edna De la Cruz.

Click on recipes and she has it listed there. I didn't have meringue powder on hand but it's absence didn't affect it at all.

Hope this helps
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I have never used meringue powder since my last cake class 18 yrs. ago. You do not neet it. Of course i am talking about american b/c.

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I started useing the viva recipe posted here but I have modified it and now I don't really measure much and it turns out great every time. I use almond and vanilla flavoring and would love to learn to make my own vanilla. Just a tip...I use popcorn salt dissolved in the liquid that I am adding to the buttercream. I had a problem with little white specs in my colored icing and researched the problem, after finding and useing that solution I have never had that problem again.
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