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I usually offer people a choice of nuts and raisins--either, neither or both. I don't do any other add-ins unless I was making it for myself or a family member whose tastes I know better. I think the orange and allspice in Shirley's recipe add a lot of interest, but I can see how it's not a purist's recipe. It works great around the holidays. Maybe tone down the spices at other times of year?
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I can't stand raisins in most anything, so obviously I leave them out.  If I use nuts in the batter I chop them very fine.  Yes I use cinnamon with a hint of cloves.  There are many people who use coconut and pineapple in their carrot cakes.  It's not wrong, it's just what they like.  Perfect is subjective. 

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nuts and raisins can also interfere with cutting slices, although the carrot bits do too.   When I first started baking more I really got hung up on finding the PERFECT recipe for cream cheese icing, etc.  I researched and researched to find the perfect one.  It took me a bit to realize that there isn't one perfect recipe, each person has different preferences and biases and expectations.  I don't think there is any one cake or icing recipe that will please everyone.  No point in trying, really because it just doesn't exist. 

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see, thats something i can't personally decide, hence my issues with creating the perfect carrot cake.  I like the toasted nuts and finely shredded carrot, but i'm not a fan of the raisins in the cake..  i have tried chopping the raisins very fine so they almost melt away into the batter, but as far as pineapple or coconut, now, i personally like that a lot, but i know some others would think i'm getting into too much of a hummingbird cake if i do that.  its just such a fine line with carrot cake and it makes me nuts!  so many variations and so many people like it one way and so many others like it another you add extra spices or just keep it a simple hint of cinnamon? don't want to cross the line into spice cake.... i guess i'll just stick with what i prefer and leave it at that!  thanks for all the helpful inputs though!

I'm feeling the same way.  So what I'm thinking of doing is developing 2 kinds of carrot cake recipes. One can be my simple carrot cake and the other my gourmet or tropical carrot cake. You could do something similar in your offerings of carrot cake.

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I have used the Rachel ray recipe on the food network website. I pulse the night and carrots in a food processor to get rid of stringyness which I have heard many people do not like. The changes I did make were to up the temp by 25 degrees and to parchment line the bottom of the pan. Also I baked it in 11 inch cake pan for 1 hour and 20 minutes instead of 3 smaller pans. Froze 2 of these, sliced them in half and filled and stacked
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Look up Southern Living Carrot Cake with Buttermilk glaze.  It's a 3-part recipe, but absolutely Fabulous.  It has everything in it, including coconut, pineapple and pecans or walnuts.  Never met anyone who didn't love this cake!

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