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Missouri Cottage Food Law

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HELP!!!!!!!! If you are a cake baker in Missouri, you need to know that House Bill #617 has been introduced and read twice at this point.  Please don't let this bill die - we need it!!!!!! It's our chance to be able to have home based bakeries and sell our cakes legally!!! Let's get the word out there!!! I've sent messages to my rep and the rep that introduced the bill and posted this as my FB status:
HELP!! There is a bill in the MO House right now that I would like for everyone to write their reps to support!!! It's House Bill #617 for a cottage food law! This would be an amazing thing for so many people in our state, not the least of which is me!!! Please write your rep and tell them you support this bill HB#617
- here's how to find your rep and his/her email:

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My rep is going to hate me lol.  I've been all over him about standing firm against gun legislation and blocking the Obamacare exchanges etc.  His nephew is a sub of ours that we use on our rentals.  We know the Messenger family well.

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I can't believe that I didn't know about this sooner.  I bake cakes and live in Jeff city, no less.  Other than contacting my reps is there anything else that needs to be done?

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Thanks for this heads up! I've sent an email to my representative. Again, should we be doing anything else?

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I'm just seeing this today. Do I still need to email? Will it even help?

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Yes! There are actually 2 bills right now in the process - Not sure why there are two, but please write your reps! Ask them to support 617!

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House Bill 440 PASSED!!! It was introduced today - 4-3-2013 - to the Senate!  Please send emails and call your State Senator to support this.  You can go to and find your senator by filling in your zip code in the senator look up box about halfway down on the left side of the page.  Time to get our senators on board with this and get it passed by them - then we are done!

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WHOO HOO!!!!! Thank you for the update!!!!

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Just emailed! Thanks for sharing! Does anyone have a good site to read up on the status of the industry as it stands now?
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Does anyone know what progress this has made in the Senate?

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This is from a facebook page dedicated to passing the MO cottage food law:


"I called my senator's office today, they said they expect the HB440 to be heard in commitee in the next couple weeks. I asked what should we be doing to help? She said to continue to call your senators, and even contact the senators on the comittee. If you need their number or do not know who yours is you can look it up at"

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Facebook page dedicated to passing the MO cottage food law:!/groups/152208218265958/

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Thanks Dani!

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It was voted DO PASS in the committee today - now it goes to the floor for a general vote by all of the Senators.  Time to write your Senators to get this passed!!!

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This is getting me so much more involved in our legislative process!  I do have an update:) HB440 was just put on the Senate informal calender this past Monday (5/13) to be read in the near future for the 3rd and final reading. If all goes well and it gets passed the only thing left is for the bill to be signed by both the House and Senate then to be sent to the Governor for his signature (approval). Just wanted to pass this info along since I've been trying to keep up online through their site.

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