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Burlap and other materials used for decoration

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I didn't find this specifically addressed anywhere, so here goes: I am seeing more and more cakes that are spectacular looking with embellishments such as burlap and grapevine. I've worked with both materials in crafting and know that I wouldn't want to eat a cake that included either as a decoration. I know you could back burlap strips with parchment or wax paper, etc., but am still not confident that it would contain all those fibers that it loves to shed so much. Anyone have experience working with those kinds of materials and how did you resolve the issue? Thanks for any input!

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I have a bride who wants grapevine wrapped around the bottom tier and possibly burlap "ribbon" borders. I will work with the florist to be sure the grapevine "wreath" is a large enough circumference to not actually touch the cake. I told the bride to provide me with 1 1/2 yds of their burlap (that they're using for table runners, etc.) or to make the ribbon themselves by adhering clear Contac paper to the back before cutting the strips.

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I've been wondering about this as well.  Burlap stinks to me and I can't imagine what you could do to get the smell out.  Hang it in the sun to air out?  Wash it?

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I've seen burlap ribbon at Michael's.

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I'll have to check out the ribbon, but am still leary. The darn stuff sheds so much! And of course, tonight I met with a bride that is using burlap wraps on her bouquets, so now I'm not wondering just hypothetically!

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Yum yum, I just wrote about this last week. Burlap is nasty, you should make it out of gumpaste or something.

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Sugarveil has a new "burlap" silicone mat that when the Sugarveil is colored and spread onto it and dried it is about as authentic looking as anything I have ever seen! Highly recommend taking a look at it. Love, love, love the effect.
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I carefully cut it straight (to avoid added fraying), and backed it with contac paper.  Before applying it to the cake, I used tape strips to try to remove any lingering 'lint.'  My bride was happy.

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