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Top Hat Cake

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I'm making a top hat cake this weekend, just like this one:


I have two questions:


(1) How do I get the 2 curves in the brim?


(2) The customer just wants the cake for show. I would like to do a tapered effect and have the cake about the same size as it is in the picture above. So with that being said, what size cakes should I use, how many layers (2 or 3) and how many inches should I taper it down to?

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This is just a suggestion!


  • Cover cake board with Black fondant


 Curves on brim


  • For brim - Mix in  a little  flower paste or tylose to the white fondant, to allow it to firm up - when dry.


  • Roll out the prepared fondant in a circle - a few inches smaller than the covered board.


To shape curves on brim - as in your picture, place a wedge of sponge or shrunched up kitchen towel under opposite sides of brim  and  curve fondant  upwards - allow to dry.


If the cake is for display purposes only - would you consider using  cake dummies?


Glue cake dummies together, size will depend on Hat size, but a few inches (3"-4")  smaller than brim


Fondant Red ribbon will conceal join between hat and brim


If you had a real top hat to hand - it would help you to replicate the cake one.


Hope this hepls!


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For a top hat cake I made, I used wooden spoons under the edge of the brim to hold the curve in place to dry.  They were smooth and long enough to get a good curve on each side of the brim.  Leave yourself plenty of time for it to dry completely - I ran out of time for it to dry completely and it slowly started to flatten out.


The size of the cakes are going to depend on how big you want the finished cake to be, so I can't offer suggestions there.

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I think that getonthemove's suggestion - about using wooden spoons to get a good curve on the brim of the Top Hat is a great idea!



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