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Originally Posted by Crazy-Gray View Post

Ha ha I love it, can't stop laughing at the dog and yellow snow idea.... It could dribble down one side of the cake and pool in the board!



...into a stack of champagne glasses spilling it's golden liquid treasure from glass to glass each to be raised high in a toast to the bd boy




(omg i didn't just write that did i?)

love me some cake buzzzzz


love me some cake buzzzzz


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I did a cake for a friend's father, it was a goat. 


Happy Birthday Old Goat!!!

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Does he like baseball? You could have a glove with a big steaming cat poo in the middle, you then tell him you asked the bakery to pipe "catch it" in the middle of the glove?!
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You guys are hilarious!  I had no idea I'd get an immediate response.  I'm going to have to sift (no pun intended) through them all and maybe aggregate the ideas into one.  I will definitely post a photo when it is made.  


Keep the ideas coming.  Just not creative like you!  Love it!



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Originally Posted by Relznik View Post

Sorry to go off topic a bit, but one year, I forgot to buy my sister a card...  so I got out a Christmas card that was left from a selection box of cards...  it was a really, really horrible card.  Tacky Victorian snow scene, if I recall...    Anyway, I got a marker pen and crossed out the word 'Christmas' and wrote 'Birthday' above it.


Then inside, I wrote


To you


Happy birthday


From me



And I gave her the card (her birthday is in April).


Guess what I got back from her when it was my bday in June! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


And guess what she got the following year?


And guess what I got?


And so it's been going on!!!!!!!!

OMG, I love, love, love this idea and I'm soooo gonna copy you on it!!! LOL icon_biggrin.gif  --- nop, I'm not a 'card-person' (don't send xmas cards either) but this is an awesome idea!! imagine all the uses you can give to one card!!! :D ---Ooops, sorry I also got off the subject (**blushing)

"Life is cake!"
"Life is cake!"
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Hi everyone, I'm new on this site. I've been reading this and remember I got a picture so here it is
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Btw, the words just mean " love is to support each other" icon_smile.gif)
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