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Baking a 14 inch round cake in home oven

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Firstly apologies if this is not the right forum to be asking this question.

I am new to the cake business and am starting a cake business from home soon. I wanted to know how would i ever be able to bake a 14 inch round cake in my home oven? Has anybody come across this problem, and if yes, what is the solution to this? Please can anyone help me?

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I bake them all the time at home, are you worried about it not baking all the way through?

I use an upside down flower nail in the middle of my bigger cakes if I am worried about that.


If not that, what are you concerned about? I did live in a flat in Scotland for a couple months that had a tiny oven, I couldn't even fit a cookie sheet into it. If it's something like that, I would invest in a larger oven asap :)

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thank you for your reply. Yes I am worried about my oven being too small. Its just a single oven and I was just wondering if i got a wedding order where the bride wants a 14inch round cake or bigger whether my oven would support that. 


But thank you for your tip on the flower nail. I will give that a try. Thank you so much for your help.


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I only have a standard size oven and managed a 12" Round fruit  last year.  I double lined the tin with brown paper and extra brown paper around the outside tied with string.  I also loosely covered the top with grease proof for the first hour of cooking. 


A few years ago my mother baked a 12" heart shaped fruit for my sister's wedding, and had to turn it on her second attempt as the point of the heart burnt on her first attempt! She did have a smaller gas oven when she made that.


You will have to make sure your oven is totally level.  Good luck  icon_biggrin.gif

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In the 5 years I've been making wedding cakes I have only once been asked for a 14" cake so it might not be a request that you come across often enough to worry too much about it.  I found the 14" tin fitted better in my conventional oven (I had two ovens then - a conventional and a fan) so I baked two shallow cakes to ensure they were cooked through evenly. 


When I was shopping for new ovens recently I took my 14" tin with me and checked that it would fit in any oven I liked the look of before I decided what to buy.

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I quite often do 14" and 16" tiers, your best bet is to do a test run before you get any orders and see how it turns out.

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Google half round cake pans. They come in all sizes.



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I would love one of these half round cake pans just so when hubby asked what I had done today I could say "Well, I baked half a cake!"

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They are good but they don't come in 14"over here...I know because I have been searching for one :-)

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Thank you so much for your reply .

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Wow, thank you so much everyone for taking the time out to answer my query. I like the idea of half round cake pans :) I appreciate all of your answers and help. Happy caking all you lovely people :) xx

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Ive got a standard uk intergrated oven and I can fit a 14 inch cake pan in my oven with about an inch to spare by the door. Been fine but could notfit anything bigger and Im quite glad about that lol
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Thank you  Embles, its nice to know I am not alone :) 

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Embles, can I ask what oven you have I'm in the uk and looking for a new oven
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