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Hand painted label...

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I was asked to do a Malibu Rum bottle cake for this weekend. The only thing Im not too sure about is how to do the label. I dont have an edible printer so most likely I will have to hand paint it. If anyone has any pointers on how to accomplish this an easy way I would appreciate your help. TIA.
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If you take a pic into Walmart bakery, they might have an edible printer. My local Walmart does and it's $5-6.

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Thanks for the idea, but Walmart wont be able to because its a logo. I guess I will just have to do it by hand.
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Check out Craftsy's hand painted cake class. It's free and she'll give you the general idea of how to hand paint a cake.
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i don't have an edible printer either, and i've just used rice paper instead.  that way you can either paint or use edible food markers to color your label.  rice paper is cheap but delicate.  i've also found that once it is dry i have to put some heavy wieght on it for a little bit to prevent any curling or warping of the paper.  but works like a charm!!  good luck!!

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I hand painted this Jager bottle on fondant.

I printed out the bottle label to the size I needed it, laid it on a thin piece of fondant that had some shortening on it (to hold the paper in place) and then used a needle to trace the label.

Poking holes through the paper into the fondant. I just did a rough outline so I knew where everything went but you could do all the details and lines if you needed to. Then I removed the paper and cleaned the Crisco off the fondant with some vodka and gave it a light dusting of cornstarch.

Then looking at the printed label for reference I started painting. 

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