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Dinosaur cake

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I need some help with a dinosaur cake I have to do. I want to limit sculpting as much as possible ;-)

Is there a somewhat easy tutorial I can look at?

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated!

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I dont have a tutorial and am still learning myself but I have a Dinosaur cake in my photos that I made for my son .  I did sculpt the dinosaurs (3 total) but maybe you could use something else as add-ons?

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Here's the dinosaur cake that I made. I only carved the back. The head, tail, and legs are rkt that I sculpted. This cake was about three feet long and 2 feet high. If you have more questions, let me know. The eyes also lit up and there was a recorder in the rock that had the dinosaurs voice on it from the cartoon.

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This one doesn't really limit sculpting, but it's pretty easy to follow.

I really like painting liquid colours with alcohol on any sort of reptile/fish cake, it makes the skin look a lot more realistic.

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