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Chocolate for ganache

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Hi Guys-


I was hoping someone can help me -- i have been struggling with my ganache- I think it may be because Im not using the right chocolate- yeah I think the nestle chips are not cutting it- ha


Can someone direct me where - what brand- cocoa content etc - I can/should buy the chocolate-both  chocolate a white chocolate- 


Im willing to get the good stuff- as I am really trying to perfect the art of ganaching- 


Also- can I make ahead of time and freeze it? So that I always have it ready on hand? Or do I just need to make as I go? 


Thanks in advance for any advice- suggestions etc--



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Where are you based? I use callebaut chocolate callets here in the uk, the white, milk and plain work beautifully.

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Ganache will always be better with bar chocolate, rather than chocolate chips. The chips have a wax coating that can cause lumpy or separating ganache.

I use Lindt Berne, it melts very smooth, and tastes like heaven. Even people who hate dark chocolate love it, it's a bit sweeter and mellower than most dark chocolate bars.

I use equal weight chocolate to heavy cream and it works beautifully for me :)


As for where to buy it, I'm not much help. I share a bulk order directly form Lindt with a pastry chef friend and another bakery in town.

If you just want to try it out though, most grocery stores carry the bars, they come in a light blue wrapper, they don't look like the other lindt wrappers.

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i did not know that about chips! i always use kirkland brand chips because they are fair trade.

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