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Everlasting Gobstoppers!

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I'm making a Charlie and the chocolate factory themed cake for a birthday party and want to incorporate the everlasting gobstopper since its such a big part of the movie. I've attached a picture - I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on ways to make it? I'm hoping to have it as one of the props on the cake. I was thinking of making it out of fondant or even starbursts? Any ideas are welcomed!!
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I would just do them out of gum paste or 50/50. Very cute idea!

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Yeah i think gum paste may be the way to go.. I may play around with the starburst idea ahead of time too - that way the kids can eat them and enjoy the taste! icon_smile.gif
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I'd use marshmallows and cut them with greased scissors into the more square shapes, then paint them with food coloring. Connect the pieces together with melted white chocolate?? I don't know if that would stick.

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I agree...Starbursts would be cute too because you could cut them into the rectangles and triangles.  maybe you could some how heat the bottoms to glue them onto a balled up one.  Please post pics when your done sounds like it's gonna be a great cake!

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Well here it is... I could've done a MUCH better job on it however had a death in the family and had to travel a 19 hour drive so I had to start and finish the cake within an evening including purchasing all supplies!
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cute ! very bright and cheery! I'm sure the recipient was so happy!

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