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Credit Card Cake

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hello ladies !


I run a small scale business from home (for cakes).


I have just received an order for a credit card cake. the person has requested for a big cake (as big as possible). I have attached a picture below.


I have several questions :


1. Do I bake a big rectangular cake or bake several small rectangular cakes and assemble them ?

2. How do I roll out a huge fondant to cover the cake ? I have never rolled out a huge fondant before.

3. How do I make the mastercard monogram ? ( I don't have to make the lion & horse monogram)

4. How do I give the silver effect (waves effect) on a black fondant ?


Any help will be appreciated.


p.s. I am in UAE and baking goods(cutters, colours etc)  are not readily available.


Thank you !!






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I would go for the rectangular cake ( sheet cake) Perhaps the best way of doing the credit card picture - is to scan the picture into a PC, and then print it on edible printing paper. If you dont have a printer for edible imaging, some grocery stores print images on site. Another option is to go online and upload the file to a website. Company will print it and post to you. 


There were a few recent threads started on Cake Central - with many great responses on this topic - type  Icing Images, into the search box on CC, and I am sure that you will find the info very helpful.


The only website that I can think of off hand is that print edible images is . I know in the UK that the cost per picture  is approx £10.00 .


Good luck with the cake! Happy baking!

Hope this helps!


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thnak you for your suggestion :) I took your advice and got the top printed. it looked pretty good (though I could not pipe straight lines of butter cream on the edges of the credit card).

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May we see pics?

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Hi brincyle


So glad that you were happy with results of the printed credit card edible image for your cake.


Don't be too hard on yourself - piping skils improve with practice!


Would love to see a picture of the cake - if you have one;




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Hi brincyle


I just read your original post again and noted that you were also looking for tips on how to cover a large cake with fondant, I posted a response with a picture attached - on this question to a Thread on Cake Central - started by ferestech 24/02/13  "I need a suggestion on how to cover a big cake"


You might find this and other responses in the thread of some help.


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thank you for all help margaret :)

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Hi brinacyl


Thank you so much for posting the picture of your credit card cake - I can see why you were happy with the results. Well done!!!


Delighted to be of help!




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Your cake looks really, really nice! I assume you didn't just post a picture of their card!  lol :) After being the vivtim of credit card fraud I was asking my merchant services company if having taken a photo of the card would have protected me (since I don't swipe) and they told me that it's not legal to take a photo of a credit card, so this may not be the kind of cake you want to share with the world at large.

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Thank you Howsweet icon_smile.gif yes I did not post the original card's picture when I asked for help, since this was a card launching event. I had to edit few things (again!) before posting the cake's picture.
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