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Cake decorating suppliers in Canada

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Any fellow decorators in Canada, like me, get frustrated over the fact that there are so few suppliers in Canada, and they charge so much more than the US suppliers?


I do order from the suppliers in US, but then shipping usually costs a lot, which quite much offsets the price difference. Not to mention the custom also takes a bite...


Here are the Canadian suppliers that I order from - McCalls, Golda's Kitchen.


If anyone can suggest any other suppliers that are competitive in Canada, that would be much appreciated.


As for the US ones, I found Global Sugar Art is quite reasonable. But all others charge a fortune for shipping.


Thanks for sharing.  

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where are you fromage?
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I mena where are you from
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I hear ya!  I go through the same thing here in Vancouver, BC!  There are two places that I have been able to find here; Michaels or Scoop and Save. Scoop and Save is about 45 minutes away and I have to drive over a toll bridge AND they're not open on Sundays!  Michaels doesn't really carry all that much. I find myself driving across the USA border to pick up things but then that is inconvenient, too, and the Michaels there doesnt always have what I need in stock. I did, however, find a great company a couple of weeks ago . They are based out of Markham, ON and I found their prices to be decent. AND they only charge $7.00 flat fee for shipping to Canada. I actually needed my items quickly so I upgraded my shipping but I received my items in two days so the extra $8.00 in shipping was totally worth it.  I ordered my cupcake trays from a company in the US and have them shipped to a receiving company across the border and I drive over and pick them up.....saves me a ton of money! The plastic clamshell containers that hold 12 regular sized cupcakes costs me $2.50 locally but when I order them from the US and pick them up across the line they only end up costing me $1.00 each and that includes the cost of shipping!  That's a big savings!  I find there is not only limited supply here but the stuff you can get here is super expensive!  I've mentioned to my husband a couple of times that we should consider opening a cake supply business!  LOL! 

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jezsie52, I'm in Toronto, ontario.


Jpepper, thanks for sharing!  I checked the vanillafoodcompany website, but it seems they don't have much stuff. I'm jealousy that you can go cross the border to pick up things! Some friends of mine in Vancouver do this too, and that saves a fortune for them. And you are right, Michael's doesn't 't have much things. I guess next time when I visit US, I have to do a big shopping of cake decorating stuff.

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Flour Confections in Pickering, ON? I'm not in Canada but had the opportunity to meet Lisa Bugeja last year when she was a judge at our local cake show and she's been a generous sponsor of our show for several years.

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I like Icing Inspirations in Kitchner and Cake Mischief out of Edmonton.

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Great minds think alike lol

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Thank you Elcee, jeaner, and sweettooth101!  I will definitely check out these suppliers. This forum is so helpful.icon_smile.gif

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How did I not know some of these suppliers existed?!  Great list!

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Viannescakes, what type of supplies are you looking for? For me, Vanilla food company carried all the things that I was looking for but then most of the items I was looking for were flavourings/extracts, Americolour gels, dragees, sprinkles etc. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of flavourings and extracts they carry.


Maybe if you let us know what types of supplies you are looking for we can let you know what suppliers we buy those items at icon_smile.gif

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Last year I attended the Toronto cake show, and kept the booklet with the Exhibitors list.  Besides those already mentioned, here are a few more. I have not ordered or visited their store


Creative Cutters

L&M Bakers Supply

Virgin Ice

Clearbags (dot)ca

Igloo Food Equipment

caketop(dot)ca.    (Edible picture)



It depends what supplies exactly you are looking for, but at least it's a start!


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jemchina, thanks for the list!  I will definitely check them out!


JPepper, I surely appreciate your help!  What I'm looking for now is tools like molds, stencils, cutters, imprint mats, etc. But your info of vanilla food company is definitely helpful. I believe I would need to get more flavorings in future.:)

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I am lucky I live in a border town so I can just hop over the border and get what I need.I have a Po box in the states for shipping too.My brother and I share it because he likes getting fishing gear from the states .

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