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I just wanted to know if anyone would share their secrets of where they buy bulk cake decoration accessories cheap in the uk. I currently shop at a cake craft shop but the prices are too high. I recently bought s 16" cske board for £4.50 and a box for the cake for £5.10. The prices of sone cookie cutters are as expensive as £20!!
Any advice appreciated
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I live in the UK too.


You can try online such as Ryepack for boards if you want to buy in bulk.


Design a cake have everything!


I've had cutters and stuff from The Range they also do online.


Ebay is good for everything .check out these uk sellers.

Cake stuff

party animal online.


Hope this helps

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sorry i forgot there are some good threads on here for Uk bakers check out


or just do a search on here for UK

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I agree  with Peanut66 ... Ebay is always a good place to start and find your comparisons.  I shop around, but I'm a bit of a bargain-aholic !  Try The Great Cake Warehouse, Sugar Shack, The Craft Company ... Keep your eye out for their 'Sales/Clearance' pages ... and most of them can be found on FB too x

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Thank you. I have bought stuff from ebay but most of the cheap stuff comes from china n can take upto 4 weeks to arrive. I will deffo be looking out for those sellers and ill pop by on those websites! Thanks for ur help xxx
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