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I'm in the process of opening up a cupcake shop. I went to pastry school, my recipes are amazing when baked in a convectional oven. However, I had to get a convection oven for my space due to limited funds and because the ovens had to be of commercial standard. I use a moffat e32d5 electric convection oven with a fan. There's no way of turning that off. I lowered the temperature to 325F for convection use, but the cupcakes were coming out dry, dark, and lopsided. I lowered the temperature to 275F and that fixed the lopsided cupcakes and the tops are not dark anymore, but the cakes are not as fluffy and moist as it usually is. I'm not a 100% sure if it's the oven or the flour. I used to use the softasilk cake flour at home, but i'm now using a high ratio swans down/pfm cake flour. All the ingredients are different from what i use at home, but i'm just at a loss. I'm starting to doubt myself. I know my recipes are great so i really don't want to go searching for new recipes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I would do two things:call the manufacturer of your oven and ask for suggestions and go back to using soft as silk.

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Maybe the thermostat is off and needs to be adjusted. You need to call the manufacture. Because it is brand new, it should still be under warranty!!!

Don't give up because you know you get great results with your home oven. I know with my home oven I bought a thermometer to check the thermostat but not sure if you can do that with convection oven? Good luck/Mary

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