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James Rosselle gum paste, did I waste my money?

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I am sitting here trying to work with this stuff and it's terrible so far. The more I work it the more it cracks and dries. Have any of you used it? Any secrets I need to know? thank you! So far, I'm not impressed at all.  

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Is that the recipe from his craftsy class? If so, I believe there is a misprint/ error in the recipe. In that one, he adds in the Tylose WITH the sugar- at the very same time to the egg whites...but this makes for a big mess IMO and makes the gum paste hardened very quickly and lump up.  


Without thinking clearly at all- I did this twice with his gum-paste until I realized that it was not written correctly.  So I went back to the nicholas lodge recipe....which adds the tylose in at the end....

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Ps- oh are you referring to J.R.'s purchased gumpaste? If so, I have no idea..I was referring to his recipe on how to make gumpaste. Anyway- I do recommend the nicolas lodge works well and is very easy to make.

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I agree with cakefat, I make Nicholas Logde's recipe, comes out great every time and the flowers are not even effected with the humidity and probably works out cheaper then the ready stuff.

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Yes, this was the ready made stuff, and it's rather expensive for all the trouble it's not worth it. I did finally put it in the microwave for a couple seconds and at least that made it soft enough to work with. It should say that on the package. The stuff was like dry play-doh that sat out a couple of hours. I had to massage it for about 30 minutes each time I wanted to make my roses.  The good thing about it was that it never got sticky, never caught onto my tools or dried while I was working with it. But, I honestly don't know if I would repurchase it. I bought it from the Fondarfic site, as well as some fondant from them. We will see how that goes. I  am new to all this stuff, so it's kind of hit and miss for awhile I guess.


I think I will try that recipe that you wrote about, thank you! 




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I did a class with him last year. The Fondarific James Rosselle gumpaste is what we used. He microwaves the gumpaste for a few seconds and adds water as necessary to get it to desired consistency. Certain things we did, we added a lot of water, some things we used a stiffer consistency. Also we added shortening to make it more pliable if we needed it to be. 

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Akrainis, that makes sense. He needs to put something on that idea with the package because I spent all afternoon working with this stuff, and only made 24 roses in that time because it was so hard to work with. Thank you for the tip. :) 

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Yes, it's very different. And going back to Satin Ice gumpaste after an intensive weekend using his was kind of a shock. The Satin Ice all of a sudden seemed so soft and stretchy! 



I think his goal was to make it very user friendly and easy- if you don't like it, just add more water. But it is quite a change if you are used to something else. 

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