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Massa Ticino fondant- which one?!

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I hope somebody can help me, Ive just found out about Massa Ticino fondant for icing cakes and am looking to buy some. Does anyone know of a supplier in the uk? and also know the price to a 7kg tub?

Also im a little confused about what i need...

Im only looking to ice the cakes, roll it out.

Do i need white decoration paste, or fondant white?





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Try auiswiss imports.

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thankyou, i will have a look

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Massa Ticino, I thought that was only made by Carma. I thought Massa Grischuna and Americana was made by Albert Uster.


I bought Carma Massa Ticino but in the US. I've heard that it can be difficult to come by in the UK. Do you buy your supplies online? Or do you have a food distributor? 

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I'm looking to set up a cake business starting from may, so I'm trying to find all of my suppliers now, at the moment I am ordering online although it would be better to have a distributor. I think the one I'm after is carma.
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Carma only makes Masa Ticino and Masa Ticino Tropic.  If you live in a high humidity area get Tropic.  Otherwise get the regular.

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Yes, ibeeflower, you're right. I was about to suggest checking with Jennifer Bratko of Beyond Buttercream since she uses that, but I see she just responded. I've never used the Masa Ticino, but am considering it.

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thankyou all for your advice, I'm on the hunt for it now! i don't really want to import it because of taxes was hoping that there was a supplier here in the uk. hopefully ill find one, thank you!

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In the UK you order from Town & Country Fine Foods and they have a minimum order of £80 I believe. A 7kg bucket of Massa is approx £45 unless it has recent,y gone up in price...
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Town and country now sell the regular version at £39. I wrote to them a few weeks ago and asked them why they sold the tropic type in the UK climate and so they decided to change their stock to regular and just received it last week. I got my first pail yesterday and tried it tonight but really dont understnad what the fuss is about, it taste very nice but it's really hard and heavy and doesnt stretch well. It rolls well but you need so much muscle and It tore on the three attemps to cover high dummies. Mot stretchy at all. Also, it's not opaque enough and showed stains on the dummy . I am very experienced so i wonder if mime has a fault. I ended up using what is normally asic quality supermarket rolled fondant and it was a pleasure to use compared to massa.
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