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Half Choc / Half white

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I have been looking at your posts for half and half cakes. Here is what I came up with and I am wanting to know if anyone has tried it.


Could I use half the batter I normally would in my 1/2 sheet pan (12x18) and bake it until it's done then cut it in half and stack it? Then repeat with the other flavor and place them side by side to make it a whole cake again (12x18)? In my head I'm thinking if I bake it that way I will get about 1" thick cake then stack with frosting in between to get 2" of cake.


Has anyone tried this? Any luck?


Or is it just going to be easier to poor them in with a divider in between and then let them back together in the middle?

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I saw a video once where a woman who was cooking a 9 x 13 put a bunched up dish towel under the bottom of the pan so it was lopsided. She put chocolate cake in the side that was at the lower point then she put the white or yellow cake on the side that was up in the air and it filled up the other side and came right next to the chocolate batter which was right in the middle.


I am trying to remember if when she put the 2nd batter in if she slowly took the dish towel out from bottom of pan and it spread right out to the middle beside the other cake flavor.  I will try to search for that video but can not remember where I found it. Good luck/Mary

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I have a couple of clients who always want 2 flavours of cake in the same cake.  They are good clients so i say "no problem!"  I bake one round in vanilla, and one in chocolate.  When it comes time to ice, I cut them both in half (now I have 2 semi circles) and then cut them in half across the middle.  The just stack up the vanilla pieces on one side and the chocolate on the other.  It looks a little weird, and maybe even uneven, when I am icing them, but it all gets smoothed out in the end with a coat of icing and some fondant.

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