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Cake Cooking Question??

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I have a few questions and cant seem to find any answers by searching the forum.  I have just started baking and just made my first cake a few weeks ago.  It was a scratch cake and had a few comments that id could have been a bit moister.  I baked the cake and let it cool in the pan for about 45 min then put it on a cooling rack to finish cooling.  After it was completely cooled I put it in the freezer before decorating and Icing.  Did I leave it in the pan for to long after it was cooked?  What is the best steps to take after you pull a cake from the oven?  I have seen wrapping it in plastic and then tinfoil and then freezing it?  Any tips would be grate thanks.



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If you leave a cake in the pan, the heat from the pan will continue to bake the cake.  It's best to let them cook about 10 minutes and then remove from the pans.  Some people remove them right away, but I find that they're too fragile when they're that hot, plus i can't really handle them easily.  Once they're out, I let them cool a little longer but while they're still warm I will wrap them in plastic wrap.  Sometimes I just leave them on the cooling rack until I ice them the next day and I find they've retained their moisture just fine.  Otherwise, I wrap them in foil, and then a freezer bag if it will fit, or several plastic bags and freeze them.  I only free cakes if I'm not icing them within 24 hours, or I need to carve a cake.   Just how I do it.  I'm sure there will be other methods and suggestions.

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