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I think your cake looks great! I'm self taught as well and luckily I have not come across any problems such as this one. I personally do not like using fondant. I believe a good crusting buttercream looks just as nice with some time and effort. Again, that's my preference. I do have a full time job outside of caking and I've learned there are some people you just cannot please. Perhaps she did want you to offer her a free cake or reimbursement of some sort. Don't let this get you down. I try to explain to people as well that fondant does harden a bit and it does not taste as good as buttercream. When they do want fondant, I use either homemade marshmallow fondant or Satin Ice buttercream flavored fondant, obviously charging more should they choose the Satin Ice as it is more pricey than MMF. Again, don't let her get you down. You will come across nasty people that you can't please. Just think of all the positive feedback you've received!! Happy Caking!
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I think people hate fondant because they've only tried the terrible tasting ones..there are actually good tasting fondants out there but Wiltons isn't one of them, actually it's probably the worst one on the market. 


The lady was most likely sincere when she said it wasn't good. IMO she did the polite thing not to complain to you or even ask for a refund and go somewhere else. If I wasn't happy with a product- I wouldn't go back to the same place where I had purchased it, who would? And if that vendor asked me why I wasn't coming back to them, then I would have to be honest and tell them why.


So she may have been a pain during the process, but she didn't seem like a pain about the complaining approached her and asker her months later why she was buying from somewhere else.


I think you should either make your own MMF or look into having a better tasting fondant shipped to you.

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There's so many women out there on the lookout for a newbie to screw out of a cake charge.  I wouldn't have answered her ad -  she's on the search for another victim - because now you know her M.O.  The more you say to these people the deeper in trouble you get.  Unfortunately, there are others, but after this one, you'll know what to look for next time.   The cake was perfect.  It's NOT you, it's HER.

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Don't let it get you down :). Sounds to me like she had no clue what fondant tastes like.  I don't ever use traditional fondant because it tastes bad.  Marshmallow fondant is awesome!!!  My friends and family including my 3 and 5 year old LOVE marshmallow fondant.  Even better than buttercream!  You can sculpt with it as well.  Give it a try!!  There are many great marshmallow fondant recipes on here and you can check out YouTube to see others make it.  You can even flavor with many different favors to compliment your cakes :).  Your cake was beautiful :)

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Sounds like she's a seasoned PITA let me see what I can get for free type. You know those people that expect a free meal at every restaurant they go to, because there was one ice cube too many in their soda. When she starts out by setting an unknown standard that you are going to have to reach, she is laying the groundwork for her later complaint. 


I love this part from kikiandkyle!!!I to  agree that she will be a pain in the a$$ if you do another cake for her. She probably thought you would offer a refund or agree to bake another cake for free.  Just let it go and if anyone ever again says "If you pass the test" run as fast as you can!!!


Forgot to mention that Wilton fondant has got to be the worst tasting stuff there is.  If you cannot get enough money to cover the cost of better fondant I suggest making Marshmallow fondant and when you are rolling out fondant that needs to cover a large area, roll it on a slightly greased area.  Use shortening and make sure the work area has just a slight sheen to it.  Use confectioners sugar if you need to roll out a small amount. 


Keep making you cakes and when you name gets out there then you can raise your prices but don't sell yourself short as you are way better than Wal Mart of Alberstons.

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Cake brings out the inner child in you.


Cake brings out the inner child in you.

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Oh for %&*%&& sake....First of all, there's nothing wrong with your cake, but as soon as she started in about "passing the test" I'd have cut her loose. Anyone who mouths off about sending soooo much business your way is full of it. Don't put yourself in a position of having to deal with a dingleberry.


Most people are nice, and as soon as you get one who's a jerk you should just pass on their business. Who cares! Customers need to realize that we're interviewing them, too. I've had two people recently whose business I turned down before they even booked with me because they were obviously going to be a pain in the butt.


And there is NO reason to pursue someone to find out why they're not hiring you if you see a classified ad...Just let it go and be glad that they're taking their bad karma elsewhere.

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Try a tasty MMF next time, it is so much easier to work with and tastes great too ! I just did a 2 teir cake with champaign Strwberry SMBC then covered in fondant. it turned out great !

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