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Is there anyway to keep dragees from rolling off of the cake during cutting. I am adding a wave of dragees around a 14" layer of a wedding cake. The icing is buttercream. I have tested by just pushing them onto the buttercream. They stayed on the cake, even during moving, but when cut they go everywhere.
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I have a very specific recipe buttercream that I use but that's besides the point, im just wondering if you add light corn syrup to your buttercream recipe than put on the dragrees on before the buttercream crust that when you cut it they will stick together . Im not sure if this will work I've never tried its just a thought. Hopefully someone with experience of doing this will chime in with a better answer.
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post #3 of 3 I did wonder about using piping gel seems in this thread that im have a link to they used either piping gel or royal icing
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