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It took me two years to save for the shelves Cat , they were a might expensive but sooooo worth it , they have lovely sliding doors as well to hide everything from sight. 


It is the same here Kiki we really don't go overboard with much in Australia , I guess we are too laid back to put ourselves out much. 


Diva they had Alice in Wonderland on TV here last night , I actually had nightmares after watching it. 



I have found that I can adapt my mudcake recipe quite well to gluten free , I do sub the plain flour /self raising flour mix for all self raising gluten free and it seems to work okay.  For the dairy free , I use coconut milk  instead of the usual buttermilk as well and it still seems to work .. I won't say they are as good as my regular mud but I am not ashamed to say I baked it.  At least this bride is only having a small portion , around twelve serves as the gluten and dairy free. So the rest of the wedding guests get the good caramel mudcake.