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What is the approximate number of people?  If it was me and I was going this as a gift I wouldn't offer a tasting.  They have already agreed to have you do the cake so they trust you already.  Give them your tried and true flavors and have them just pick from the list.  Also if you need or want to work on BC skills like piping you don't need to practice on a cake.  I did a lot of practicing on the bottom and sides of an upside down cake pan.  I took part of a batch of my BC, piped, scraped it off and re-used it over and over and over again.  When I was working on a scroll design I tried to do a little for 15-20 minutes every day.  It was pretty easy since the icing was just sitting there on the counter waiting for me. 

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I like the idea of the xanax Ellavanilla shhh.gif.  I went through the glass slipper website and I see what you mean about her cakes, absolutely gorgeous.


Right now they are planning around 150 people.  In an effort to not make it more difficult on myself I may just go with more manageable sizes (manageable for me that is) in 3 to 4 tiers and then have a sheet cake in the kitchen to add more servings if I need it.  I love the idea of using the cake tins for practicing pipping.  I have been using a  practice board (well it's a cutting board in it's real life) but it's flat so doesn't give that real feel.


Thanks all!

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When you practice on the pan, just put in on a piece of non-skid so it doesn't slide around on the turntable.

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