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Baby Boy Shower soccer/sport theme

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Hi all,


I have been asked to make a boy shower cake with a soccer/sports theme in 7 days for about 20 people.  I am not sure I can get the 3D ball pan soon enough and my bowls I usually bake with are more doll dress shaped.  I am not very confident in my ability to carve.


I have a 6", 8", 12" round, 8" square and 1/2 sheet pans.  I have seen the cakes with the top decorated like a soccer ball but I can't vision how I would make that look babyshower-ish.


I am pretty  daring and will to try new things however, the last cake for this friend was a disaster so I feel pressured to to an extra good, extra special job this time.


Any advice, thoughts, ideas would be greatly appreciated.


BTW - in case it is not obvious I am new to this and LOVE all the beautiful cakes on here.



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Did she specifically ask for a soccer ball cake or could you get away with just the sports / soccer theme?

I did a cake for a baseball / sports themed shower where I did the pregnant belly cake in a Yankee's jersey and decorated the cake board with fondant sport balls.

Could you do just a belly cake in a soccer jersey and put a soccer ball in the cake board maybe? You wouldn't have to carve and you could use the pans you have.

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That is a great idea!  I think they would like the belly cake idea.


I guess Dad plays soccer so they would prefer that to be the primary theme but they said anything sports would be good, they felt bad about asking so late.


I searched for how to make a belly cake and it looks like I would need special pans.  I'm not sure how I could make it with the pans I have?

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Use your large bowl as the belly.

To make the tata's  you could use large cupcakes, if they dome up on you that's perfect. Use buttercream to heavily ice and fill in the sides until you  get the shape you want . Then let that crust so it's firm enough to hold the fondant.

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