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Gumpaste roses Ahhhh!!!

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Why oh why do my roses keep falling off their wire??

I start with the cone in the middle and everything is going great. I am halfway through making a beautiful rose and when I hang it, it slips off the wire and comes crashing down crushing all the petals. All that hard work ruined. I'm so frustrated.icon_mad.gif

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I find that when i teach this at michaels in the wilton class. the student hasn,t really secured it enough at base of cone to the wire. With wire of course you make a hook at one end, dip in glue and put thru rose cone. Then you have to close at base of cone. don,t make the g/p come down the wire, just take you fingers or g/p tool and just press easy at base and be sure it is connected to wire, no hole showing and of course leave to dry overnite before make the petals. hth

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Same thing would happen to me. Now I make my cones a few days ahead to let dry. I also dip the wire going into the gum paste glue before I i

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Thanks Icer101!! I wasn't making the little hook on the wire. That helps so much.

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opps! sorry bumped the wrong button before I finished! I dip the wire in the glue before I insert it into the cone. Let the cones become completely hard. Since I started making mine this way not one has slide off. I even tried to pull on off and wouldnt budge :) Hope that helps!

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Thank you both. I have made new cones and I will give the roses another go tomorrow. I'll let you know how they turn out.

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I forgot to say. when you dip your hooked wire into the glue, then wipe excess off, then insert into cone. Anytime you dip wire for any thing , flowers, cones,etc. wipe excess off and then insert into cone or flower petals, etc. hth

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the best way to secure your wire is to use a little hook on the end , then heat it up in a candle's flame and burn it into the cone , I then do leave them to dry at least overnight , I make so many roses I am known as the "Rose Lady"    and mine never fall of the wire. 

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Agree with chellescakes, best way it to make a hook, hear the wire under a flame and the insert into the cone. The heat melts the sugar around the wire making it super secure.
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Meriem, I also love the smell . Just like fairy floss. ( Cotton Candy for the americans )

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So, one rose down and so far so good. Thank you everybody. I might have to try the candle next time!

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Yeah!!! They are staying on. Thank you all again.

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