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there was a big deal currently about bvo in gatorade and such drinks as that


which is bromated vegetable oil which is not only a flame retardant


it also keeps the flavor suspended through out the product--keeps it from separating


and this vegan young lady got a petition going


and ultimately pepsico caved and is stopping it's use even though it is approved by the fda


so fda approval is nice but it ain't no guarantee either


me myself and i do not want to feed my peeps mica


like i said it's my individual decision


i can use gum arabic glitteration if i want


and my own rule of thumb is, 'would i want this on my steak, near my supper?'

read the ingredient label


read the ingredient label


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I can't wait to hear the response from the manufacturer! The more I dig for answers, the more confused I get due to conflicting opinions. I had heard the bit about Gatorade and bvo. Kudos to PepsiCo for doing the right thing.

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yes and mostly kudos to the young lady!!!


pepsico got too much publicity--they had declined to change at first


where I'm confused about the mica type glitter though is why was it ever produced and sold to our industry so prolifically

read the ingredient label


read the ingredient label


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Wow good for her!  Definitely PepsiCo doesn't deserve any kudos.  They had responsibility for making sure the products they were feeding people were safe in the first place.  If they caught their mistake and changed the product before someone else forced their hand, they'd deserve some credit.  But here the lady deserves all of it.  


@K8memphis I definitely agree that FDA approval doesn't mean it's safe, which I said in my post as well.  A lot of people have wanted to know what was legally approved as "food-safe" or not, so that's what I was trying to clarify.  I'm proud of cake bakers professional and hobbyist (like myself) for asking these questions and digging deeper for the real answer.  I feel like Food Network and other major influencers of public perception of cake decorators should be confirming that decorators are using correct safety practice and NOT putting "just for decoration" ingredients on portions of cakes that will be ingested (or at least put up a note about it on the show).  MORE IMPORTANTLY, I feel there needs to be more regulation requiring labeling of ingredients as well as FDA approval/edibleness/toxicity for these dusts and other decorating products so that we can make our own judgement.  It's ridiculous to me that major sellers such as G-S-A don't even list the weight of many dusts they sell (so I can decide if the price is worth it) much less ingredients or edibleness.  Also ridiculous that gold luster dusts are allowed to be called "24K" when they're not 24K and it's just a marketing gimmick.  Even for the professionals paid for their cakes, I feel like the profit margin in this industry is not large enough that bakers should have to spend hours/days of their own time researching whether or not ingredients specifically marketed to cake makers are actually suitable for cakes... *Rant over I promise* lol...icon_biggrin.gif

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FYI -- I am finally watching this video from GSA and it's a good explanation of the different types of dusts.

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Thanks sixbittersweets! I have it pulled up right now!

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A representative for AmeriColor responded to me with the following regarding their gold airbrush color.  The gold cake she references is the photo attached below. 


"All of our colors are FDA approved and Kosher certified. . . . Our gold airbrush color would achieve the look of the gold cake.  Thank you."



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Awesome!!! That's exactly what I needed to know. Can't thank you enough for researching! 

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My pleasure!  Please let us know how your cake goes (photos would great)!  I'm sure it'll be awesome and hope the client appreciates that you had the integrity to make sure you were giving them something foodsafe and FDA-approved =D.

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The cake in the O P , is done with gold leaf and quite possible is done on fondant. I have never tried doing it on buttercream, but I suppose if you had a very stiff crusted buttercream you could if you were really careful but as you have to add moisture to the outside so the surface is tacky so the gold leaf will adhere, I think technically using buttercream under it would be a nightmare. 

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Having just had a 'play' with a tiny sheet of gold leaf last week, I am 99.9999999% sure that the cake the OP is enquiring about is edible gold leaf. 


Whilst on the one hand, I'd love to have a cake with a tier entirely covered in edible gold leaf, it's so expensive and I found it not as easy to work with as I'd thought I'd might.!  BUT, if I was just covering a while tier, it might be easier, actually?  But, I digress....  icon_biggrin.gif




Suzanne x

Inside this fat body, there's a thin woman screaming to get out...... but I can usually shut her up with chocolate!
Inside this fat body, there's a thin woman screaming to get out...... but I can usually shut her up with chocolate!
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If anyone wants instructions on using gold or silver leaf , please PM me .  I am happy to share

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Thank you everyone for all the great advice! My bride is a young one who I believe has been inspired by cakes she has seen on Pinterest. I know her budget isn't going to allow for a gold leaf cake even though those are the ones that caught her eye. I was just trying to figure out if a gold cake is even doable for her and safe for her guests since she definitely wants buttercream instead of fondant. I will most likely order the Americolor or PME spray and give it a try. The wedding isn't until September so there is plenty of wiggle room.

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I found some Gold (and Silver) Glaze from **********. The label says Food-grade edible color glaze, recommended for use on fondant. However, the ingredients listed:Water, maltodextrin, denatured alcohol, mica-based pearlescent pigments...

So is this not food safe?
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Shanter sent me a pm yesterday when I posted my response about the Glaze and apparently it is food safe. I haven't used them yet but the colors look very rich! They sell them in Gold, Silver, & Pearl Glaze at four dollars a 20 oz bottle. I purchased mine from Global Sugar Art. I will post some pictures as soon as I use it
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