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I like using the primrose bakery cuppy recipes, they are and I am based in the uk and the recipes here dont generally include oil for example - not sure if tgese would be to ur tadte but they are lovely (vanilla recipe I use for all my orders) they are always very even and light with a lovely colour on top google it theyre lovelyxx
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I like the Georgetown Cupcakes recipes, they have a book out that has them in, and you can find some of them online too. 

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Try mixing at a lower speed to prevent cracking.

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I use the doctored recipe from mybakingaddiction too... and I've mixed it up a lot with different flavors and the cupcakes always come out tasting amazing.

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Saraek I use the chocolate recipe from  mybakingaddiction but do you have a white one??  I have not found a white recipe that I like most are really heavy.  Also would you mind sharing some of the flavors you have used.  Thanks!

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Www.Cupcakeproject. Com has lots of recipes. I've only tried the ultimate vanilla cupcake so far but wow its oh so yummy. Make sure to bake them for just as long as it says no longer
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Get a mixer, it really helps no matter what kind of cupcakes you wanna make

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I agree it may be too hot - I tend to bake cupcakes at 160oC or 180oC, depending on the recipe. (In the UK, hence centigrade)

It's also worth considering where in the oven you're placing the baking tray - mine cook better near the bottom of the oven. If I'm using two oven trays, I trg to place both as close to the bottom as possible.
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I would love some good moist scratch recipes....white ,  choc.  and yellow.   I wish I had your training to better understand baking.

Please send them to 


Thanks so much,

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I would like those recipes as well. Thanks

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I too would like the recipes as well. I love too bake for my husband and kids but haven't got any luck icon_sad.gif
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Thank you icon_smile.gif
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