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How do I make a dense cake moist.

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I am baking a gluten free vanilla cake and I find no matter which recipe I try they are very dense. I have read somewhere that I can brush each layer of cake (before I add the filling) with some liquor. My concern is that just a thin layer will be moist and the rest will remain dense. Any suggestions? I'm baking a cake for  my daughters bday and she is GF. I would like for  everyone to enjoy a piece of cake at her party.


thanks :)

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When you add liquor or flavoured nonalcoholic syrup and then seal with buttercream, the humidity spreads into the full thickness of the cake layer after a day.


With GF cake you must be careful to not overbake.  The recipe should also have xanthan gum to retain mositure.

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Dense is not the same as dry.  The cake being referred to as dense means that it's heavy and compact with a tight crumb, as opposed to something like a box mix cake which would be light and fluffy.  Dense cakes can be dry or moist, just like fluffy cakes can be moist or on the drier side.  One of the main reasons for dryness is overbaking.  Is it possible that you are overbaking?  A simple syrup boosts the moisture but it is not a fix for a dry cake.  It adds more to the flavor profile than anything.


I would recommend you try a different recipe or reduce the baking time.

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Thank you! I think I might have over baked it. 

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I bought a gift basket from Gluten Free Palace and I noticed that they also sell a wide variety of baking mixes, condiments, cakes, cookies etc. Maybe you could try one of the baking mixes to make the cake? Good luck!

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