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icing dents

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Help please.  Whenever I flood a small area with royal icing I ALWAYS get these little bubbles or dents when it dries.  I read once to zap it with a heat gun which I have tried with no luck.  Does anyone have a secret and/or tip to avoid this. 


Thanks all.

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What are you filling in? If it's a transfer, or a cookie or something like that, try tapping it gently to release any air bubbles, and flatten out that last little peak.

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You can google "avoid craters royal icing" and you will find everything you need to know. One important tip is to drag through the area with a toothpick after filling it.
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They are bubbles not dents.


When adding water, mix with a spoon keeping the back of the spoon against the dish to avoid adding air.  Cover soft icing and let it sit a half hour before you start flooding cookies (your outlines have to dry this long anyway).

The bubbles will rise.


You can put the finished wet icing under a heat lamp for 10 minutes to give it a shiny finish. DO NOT USE ANY HEATING TOOL THAT BLOWS AIR.

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